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The Fastest and Most Affordable Wireless Internet in Homer

"I personally encourage our customers to shop around. You will find that not only does SPITwSPOTS have a great reputation for providing high-quality reliable service; we also have (by a large margin) the fastest and most affordable internet service available in the Homer area."

- Aaron Larson, President


"The best I can find! I have been a happy customer since 2009. They are an innovative progress company that strives to provide the most excellent customer service and to maintain competitive in the industry. They accomplish all of this with a small town welcoming feel!"

- Nina Coffey

"Always improving their service, never taking their customers for granted. What more could you want? Loyal customer since 2012."

- Aaron Mahan

"Best internet available!"

- McKenzie Poore McCarthy


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From 1.5Mbps bandwidth for $49/month up to 100Mbps for $199/month with more speeds and prices in between.


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Double the speed of 6Mbps or higher SPITwSPOTS subscriptions for $20/month with new BOOST.


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*Setup Fee is FREE with a 24-month commitment to Standard or above, or $99 with a commitment to basic or higher service.


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Attention Local Artists and Crafters.

SPITwSPOTS often has excess packaging materials we would love for you to have if you want them! Give us a call or stop by and let’s work together to reduce, reuse and recycle!!

Click on the image to read the most comprehensive (and helpful) review of streaming sites we've seen.

We recently signed a contract to double the capacity on our fiber!

This should help to eliminate any "peak-hour" congestion and keep those movies playing smoothly and the video games snappy.

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