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SPITwSPOTS brings to Homer the future of communications by providing a state of the art wireless network .

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  • We don’t see things the way they are. We see them as they should be. We’re engineers, it’s what we do. With us it’s always faster this, smaller that, better everything. And the way we see it, the Internet’s in a rut. Literally.

Wireless networking is the future.

The big cable companies are digging ditches to bring you high-speed Internet. Slowly digging ditch after ditch. And you’re left to wait.

Well, we’re not waiting. We’re putting high-speed Internet where it belongs: up on a pedestal. We’re banding together, taking to the skies, and shooting it across the country. And not just for some. For everyone in every corner.
Today’s Internet is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. It’s running businesses, schools, lives and more. Way more.
And it definitely doesn’t have to involve waiting. Or burying cables. Or buying bundles. It takes new thinking, hard work, and a dedication to lifting technology to new heights.
The future is not faster cables; it’s no cables. You can’t wait for a hole to be dug. And thanks to the world’s largest connected network, you won’t have to.